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#CoolImages #02

Para descansar sua vista e arejar os pensamentos a Cultura Inglesa-Ce além de conteúdo, curiosidades sobre o idioma e cursos traz para você seleções de imagens que serão interessantes por si e só e outras pelo contexto, técnica e etc.

Dando continuidade aos garimpos visuais, hoje apresentamos o trabalho da galeria Book of Art. Abaixo o texto de apresentação e a seguir as imagens criadas com livros.

“I am someone who has never taken an art class in my life but have stumbled upon making Book Art / Book Origami. I didn’t think I had an artistic bone in my body and never thought of myself as creative. I had seen the Readers Digest christmas trees and wondered if it was possible to create a different design or use words.
I first started off doing simple letters, alternating pages for each fold but now I am doing more complex and intricate fonts. I use simple arithmetic and an exacto knife as my supplies along with lots of time. It takes me anywhere from a day for the simpler styles to 2 weeks for the more complex styles. I have recently ventured into logos and symbols and would like to pursue this area more.
My inspiration comes from multiple things and places. I can browse the used book section for titles that stand out to me. For example the recycle symbol was created on a book titled “A World with out Trees”. I like to take a book that would otherwise end up in a landfill and turn it into art. Rarely do I use new books, unless I am commissioned to. I like to watch Planet Green, and am into alternative energy, recycling and repurposing so it’s a good feeling to know my art can contribute to reducing waste.”


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